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Tiffany Porter, Birth Doula

I am now located in Kapolei, Hawaii.  I am accepting births across Oahu, including Tripler Army Medical Center.
Now offering postpartum doula services!
Please email me for questions or details
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Studies have shown that having a doula present during labor and at birth brings many benefits.  The length of labor is shortened, the use of pain medication is reduced, medical interventions such as forceps and vacuum extractor are used less often,  and the mother's experience is reported to be more satisfying.

Childbirth is a journey that a woman will remember for a life time.  It can be the most empowering experience in a woman's life.  A doula compliments  the role of the woman's significant other, helping him to have the best experience as well.

(808) 779-3345

Doula - Comes from the Greek word meaning, "woman's servant".



Helping make your childbirth wishes come true in
beautiful Hawaii (Tripler Army Medical Center included)